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Shades of Honor

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Write a Review Wednesday: A Promise of Fire

Write a Review Wednesday: A Promise of Fire

Confession: even though I ask readers to leave reviews for my books and appreciate every single one, I'm TERRIBLE at writing reviews myself. I know! Horrible, right? I just realized this the other day when I looked at Goodreads and saw how far behind I am on my 2016...

Catching up

I just spent an hour and forty-five minutes at my kids' school tearing pages out of workbooks. An hour and forty-five minutes! Non-stop tearing and sorting. My back is totally killing me--just popped a couple of ibuprofen--but I'm so glad I could help out. That's a...

June Updatery

(Quick note: the blog post below is full of lots of mistakes. You'll see why as you read on, but I don't want to make changes. I want to see if the accuracy of my posts increase over the summer. So I'm typing this part as a head's up. And also I'm admitting that I...

Book rec and new author alert!

Book rec and new author alert!

Over the weekend, I read PIRATE BOUND by new author Carysa Locke, and I LOVED it. I did my whole I-found-a-new-sci-fi-author-to-love happy dance, something that I honestly don’t do too much in this genre (I’m very, very picky.) But I was also super happy for another...