My in laws are in town helping out this week. They were here yesterday, but I didn’t get hardly anything accomplished, writing wise. I kept helping out with diaper changes and feedings and baby holding, etc. I just feel so guilty if I don’t. But I have 81 days until THE SHADOW READER hits the shelves and 88 days until my deadline to turn in book two (which is in desperate need of a title!), so I’ve sent myself to my room and am trying my darndest not to help out with the boys. (One of them is whining right now. I think he’s hungry. Ahhh! So. Hard. To. Stay. Away!)

In the few hours I’ve been here, I’ve accomplished more than I have these last three weeks (minus the one night I stayed up until 3am to get my website up and running). Unfortunately, I haven’t done any writing yet today. I responded to some important emails that were piling up, did a quick check-in of my Facebook page, realized I didn’t get a chance to post here yesterday and started writing this post, and then ordered business cards and some swag items. That last part took way longer than I thought it would. I kept jumping between sites, comparing prices and paper stock and stuff. And then Jodi Meadows posted about HER business cards with a printing site I hadn’t heard of yet so, of course, I had to research that.

All of this is just to say that I have to have help if I have any hope of getting promo stuff done for book one and meeting my November 1st deadline for book two. My grandmother lives nearby and can help out some, and I’m sure my mom and in laws will be around often, but I have so much to do and need a regular schedule. So, we’re going to start looking for a part-time nanny, and I have to say that that is terrifying. The babies are so little! The only thing that makes me feel somewhat better about it is that I’ll still be home for the most part. I can see them whenever I want.

But we probably won’t have anyone for a few weeks. I gotta take advantage of the help I have now and start cranking out some words!



P. S.  Thursday. It’s the new Wednesday, right?

Apparently, it is in my mind. I didn’t get around to posting yet again yesterday. I guess I should just go ahead and admit that my schedule is a bit… nonexistent right now. I’m still going to post here twice a week, but I have no idea which days those posts are going to be on.