I mentioned a few weeks ago in my I’m Back post that I experienced a mini life crisis the other day after spending over $100 at Target on a week’s worth of diapers and baby formula. Since them, I’ve been reading up on how to save money, namely, I’ve discovered the world of couponing.

One of the sites I stumbled across was Money Saving Mom. It’s a great site to check out if you’re interested in saving money by sale shopping and using coupons. She posts deals and tips multiple times throughout the day, but one of my favorite posts is her weekly goals. Her goals for this week are here.

I think this is a fantastic idea! I have so, so much I need to do that I get overwhelmed and don’t accomplish half of what I should. So, I’m going to try this whole writing-down-my-goals thing. I don’t know if I’ll post them here each week – I don’t want people to drop dead from boredom – but I might do this for a while because it’s a quick and interesting-to-me blog post, and I’ve so been neglecting this blog! Bad, Sandy!

So, my ten goals for this week:

Writing Goals*
1. Write 10k on TSR2. Hopefully more!
2. Write 5 blog posts. I have a few guest blogs due soon, and I want to blog here more regularly and not miss my Monday post slot on the Magic & Mayhem blog. BTW, if you’re a book reviewer blogger and would like me to stop by for a guest post or interview, feel free to send me an email! 🙂
3. Contact at least two book bloggers to see about guest posting.

Mom Goals
4. Spend at least an hour of quality time with the twins in the morning and afternoons. I’ve been (attempting to) multitask way too much this past month. I need to play with them more.
5. Develop a nighttime routine. We’re trying to read a book to them before bed, but sometimes they’re already asleep before we start the nighttime routine. Might still be a bit early for routines. (They’re two months old, but were born four weeks early, so, developmentally, they’re probably closer to one month.)

Home Management Goals
6. Finish cleaning/organizing the study.
7. Organize all my couponing stuff so I’m spending less time on it.
8. Plan next week’s menu.

Personal Goals
9. Exercise. Walk for 20 minutes three times this week. I want to do more, but the hip that hurt me so much when I was pregnant hurts almost as much after walking briskly for 20 minutes. Hopefully, it’ll get better soon!
10. Drink at least 24oz of water each day. I’m addicted to Diet Coke and horrible at drinking water. I’m not going to try to limit my caffeine intake until the boys sleep through the night and/or after my deadline, though!

So, there you have them. My goals for this week. Does anyone else write down weekly goals? If so, what do you usually include in them? I might steal a few ideas to include on my future lists!

* Should Mom Goals come first? Probably! But The Big Looming Deadline is, well, looming, so I’m putting them first for now (although I don’t exactly consider this list ordered by importance).