Geez. I’m already behind this week, and it’s only Tuesday!

(The husband just came in with Boy #1 saying, “Look how cute he is!” He is pretty darn adorable, which is why it’s so hard to get work done sometimes. 🙂  )

I need to get some more writing done today, so I’m doing a quick post to update my goals. Here’s what I accomplished last week:

Last Week’s Goals:

Writing Goals
1. Write 10k on TSR2. Hopefully more! [Totally failed on this! I’m writing at a good pace for me, but it’s not quite fast enough.]
2. Write 5 blog posts. I have a few guest blogs due soon, and I want to blog here more regularly and not miss my Monday post slot on the Magic & Mayhem blog. BTW, if you’re a book reviewer blogger and would like me to stop by for a guest post or interview, feel free to send me an email! :-) [I wrote two posts last week. The good news is, I’ve already written three posts this week, so maybe I’ll accomplish this goal this time around!]
3. Contact at least two book bloggers to see about guest posting. [Geez, I suck at meeting my writing goals!]

Mom Goals
4. Spend at least an hour of quality time with the twins in the morning and afternoons. I’ve been (attempting to) multitask way too much this past month. I need to play with them more. [Totally accomplished this! I gave up trying to get anything done when I have the boys on my own, so I’m doing good on the quality time. This is probably why I’m not doing so good on the writing goals. *sigh*]
5. Develop a nighttime routine. We’re trying to read a book to them before bed, but sometimes they’re already asleep before we start the nighttime routine. Might still be a bit early for routines. (They’re two months old, but were born four weeks early, so, developmentally, they’re probably closer to one month.) [The whole reading a book thing is NOT working. They’re either already asleep or majorly fussing at bed time and aren’t interested in listening to Mom or Dad read. So, we just change their diapers, swaddle them, then turn on the mobile and put them to bed. Does that count as a night time routine?]

Home Management Goals
6. Finish cleaning/organizing the study. [So close to accomplishing this! I have almost everything cleaned out. I just have huge stacks of papers to sort through and file.]
7. Organize all my couponing stuff so I’m spending less time on it. [Halfway there.]
8. Plan next week’s menu. [Did it!]

Personal Goals
9. Exercise. Walk for 20 minutes three times this week. I want to do more, but the hip that hurt me so much when I was pregnant hurts almost as much after walking briskly for 20 minutes. Hopefully, it’ll get better soon! [So surprised I did this! I’m going to keep the goal the same this week, but I might try to jog some. It all depends on how my hip joint holds up. (God, I sound old!)]
10. Drink at least 24oz of water each day. I’m addicted to Diet Coke and horrible at drinking water. I’m not going to try to limit my caffeine intake until the boys sleep through the night and/or after my deadline, though! [Did it! I have, however, consumed equal amounts of Diet Coke. lol]

So, four out of ten goals accomplished. Not too bad

I was going to write out this week’s goals, but they’re basically the same as the ones above which I haven’t crossed off. Hopefully, I’ll get them all done this time!

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?