It’s giveaway time! I’m super excited about this one. First, because I LOVE the book I’m giving away and, second, because I get to use a new contest program that’s still in beta: RaffleMonkey!

 Monkey Thumbs Up

Okay. No. The program isn’t really called RaffleMonkey – it’s called Rafflecopter – but everything sounds more fun when you add “monkey” to it.

So, what is the prize of this contest? It’s Jenn Bennett’s awesome debut, KINDLING THE MOON! You guys, this is seriously one of my favorite reads of the year. It made waking up in the middle of the night to feed the babies so much easier (well, relatively) because I got to read it. (Sidenote: a huge benefit of having an e-reader is that you can hold a baby and read/turn pages at the same time!) I loved the heroine, Arcadia. She was special, but she was also very normal, and what I mean by that is she reacted to situations the way I think a real life person would react. She didn’t mouth off when her life was on the line. She was genuinely scared, but not to the point that she was paralyzed. In fact, she reminded me quite a bit of my character, McKenzie. I think Cady and McKenzie would be great friends if they ever met.

The other awesome part of this book? Lon. Oh, how I love him! He’s kind of quiet and reserved, but he somehow manages to emit strength and courage at the same time. He’s fabulous. Definitely not the typical urban fantasy hero.

Then, you have the worldbuilding. I love what Jenn did with the magic and the demons. Very cool. Then, you have the actual plot. Cady has been in hiding for several years after her occultist parents were accused of being serial killers. Something happens, and she now finds herself having to prove their innocence.

That’s the quick run down. The point of all this is that you have to read this book! To win a copy, follow the directions below. Oh, and let me know how you like Rafflecopter. Is it easy to use? Is it annoying? Did it even work for you?