Happy Friday, everybody!

This week went by so fast! I’m having fun with the sequel to THE SHADOW READER. And let me tell you, THAT is a big deal. This has been such a tough book to write. I think that’s because my mind has been everywhere this past year (pregnancy from hell, newborn twins, general chaos), but it finally feels right. Yay! I have tons of work to do on it still, so I’ll probably continue to be scarce online for a while. I’m just excited to be excited about this book!

Speaking of books, a week and a half until THE SHADOW READER hits the shelves. OMG! OMG! OMG! I have a copy of the actual book beside me on my desk. I keep opening it up, and every single time, I’m surprised that my words – MY WORDS! – are written on the pages. *grins*

I want to send a big congrats out to Vanessa N., who won KINDLING THE MOON by Jenn Bennett! I’ll put the book in the mail this weekend. Hope you love it!

And today is the last day to enter my newsletter only contest. If you haven’t sent your entry in, please do so by midnight, and if you just recently signed up for the newsletter, don’t worry. There will be subscriber only contests in each quarterly newsletter, so you’ll get the chance to win next time. 🙂

In real-life news, we bought a new desk last week! The husband put it together over the weekend. (OMG, it took forever! So many parts and pieces!) I’m loving it. It has filing cabinets! I can file stuff! Not that I didn’t have filing cabinets before. I had two of them, but they were ugly, not quite functional, overstuffed with a ridiculous amount of papers we didn’t need, and they were located in the closet. To answer your question, yes. Apparently I am too lazy to take those extra two steps to open the door and file stuff in there.

It’s fun to be organized!

Anyone have plans for the weekend? I plan to write, write, and write!