First, I wanted to say congratulations to Nicole T., who’s favorite fae book is ELFLAND by Freda Warrington. You should receive an email with your $15 Amazon gift card.

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Now, um. Take a look at this:

I know! One more week! ONE MORE WEEK! And you know what, I think it might even be possible that THE SHADOW READER shows up on some shelves before then. I’ve heard of that happening with other books, and I’m so, so tempted to hang out in the SF/F section of my local bookstore until it shows up. Maybe I can sneak into the back and check out all the boxes they have waiting to unpack. 🙂

Yeah. Probably not going to happen right now because I’m in OHMYGODIHAVEADEADLINE mode. I’m writing my butt off, trying to get book two finished ASAP. Good news is I’m loving it! I had a great writing day yesterday, a GREAT writing day. For the past year, writing has been so difficult it’s almost – ALMOST – not fun. But yesterday, I went out and worked in the Starbucks of my local Target, put on my headphones, and had Taylor Swift playing on death loop. And it was fun!

Hoping to repeat that every day this week, lol.