It’s release day! You guys, I am so incredibly excited that you all finally – FINALLY – get to read McKenzie’s story.

The Shadow Reader

How have I spent my day? In between feeding babies and changing diapers, I’ve been reading all the Happy Release Day tweets from you guys, checking Facebook and email, and grinning at all the photos my friends and family are sending me of my book in their hands or on the shelves of bookstores (right by Tad Williams’ OTHERLAND series!). This evening, we’re going out to dinner sans babies then dropping by my local B&N to see The Shadow Reader in all its glory. I hope they have it on the shelves!

And the celebrating doesn’t end there! My mom (who is SO over-the-moon excited for me) is throwing me a release party! I’m really looking forward to seeing my family, and for most of that family to see the boys for the first time. It’s gonna be great!

I hope you all enjoy The Shadow Reader! Oh, and I almost forgot. If you’re heading out to Barnes & Noble, they have a 10% off one item coupon posted on their website. It’s good until October 31st, so enjoy!