Want 50% off THE SHADOW READER or any other book? Barnes & Noble is offering 50% off any book in store or online when you “like” their Facebook Page. That means you can get THE SHADOW READER for just $4 plus tax! That’s a great deal if you heaven’t read it yet or if you want to buy the book for a friend (books make FANTASTIC stocking stuffers! *innocent look*).

This deal is only good for today, Sunday, November 6th. Since I already have quite a few copies of THE SHADOW READER, I did a quick search for other books I want. Here are a few I’m dying to read that just came out or are coming out soon (the discount works with preorders, too!):

SHAEDES OF GRAY by Amanda Bonilla

COVETED by Shawntelle Madison


THE BLACK HAWK by Joanna Bourne

AFTERMATH by Ann Aguirre

SINS OF THE ANGELS by Linda Poitevin

Let me know if you use this discount. I’d love to know what book you get!