(Please excuse this drive by blogging. Madly working to finish up book two (The Shattered Dark). I’m hoping to not be such a recluse after Thursday!)

I want to send out a huge congratulations to Amanda Bonilla. Her debut urban fantasy, SHAEDES OF GRAY, hits the shelves today!

(From Goodreads) In the shadows of the night, Darian has lived alone for almost a century. Made and abandoned by her former love, Darian is the last of her kind—an immortal Shaede who can slip into darkness as easily as breathing. With no one else to rely on, she has taught herself how to survive, using her unique skills to become a deadly assassin.

When Darian’s next mark turns out to be Xander Peck, King of the Shaede Nation, her whole worldview is thrown into question. Darian begins to wonder if she’s taken on more than her conscience will allow. But a good assassin never leaves a job unfinished…

I first “met” Amanda online about a year and a half ago. Both our manuscripts were out on submission, and we consoled each other while we waited to hear back from editors. (And waited, and waited, and waited.*) We sold at about the same time then I collaborated with her (and eventually Shawntelle Madison and Nadia Lee) to get the Magic & Mayhem Writers blog started. Amanda constantly impresses me with how she’s able to keep up with writing, publishing, and social media. She’s even put together an AMAZING blog tour.

And she’s written a kick ass book. My favorite part is the worldbuilding. I love shaedes! They’re able to turn to shadow then reappear, and this makes for some really kick ass fight scenes.

And then, you have the characters. The supporting characters are fun, and I’m a huge, huge Tyler fan, but Darian is my favorite (love, love, love her name!). Darian is full of snark and attitude. There were several laugh out loud moments in SHAEDES, and unlike a certain somebody we know *cough*McKenzie*cough*, Darian actually knows how to use that katana on the cover. 🙂

But don’t just take my word for it. SHAEDES OF GRAY is a Romantic Times Top Pick and Darian has been selected as a 2011 Urban Fantasy Protagonist Nominee. Way to go Amanda!


* It seemed like it took FOREVER to hear a peep about the fate of The Shadow Reader. I remember actually being stressed out because I wasn’t even getting rejections. I know. Stupid, right? But all my other writer friends heard something within a month, so when two, three, then four months passed, I was like, “No one even wants to read my book!” But, yeah, I only had to wait four months to sell. In retrospect, that’s no time at all! 🙂