When I started out on this crazy publishing journey, I had a few goals for my book.

1. To have 5 people love my book as much as I love/worship/adore the books of Linnea Sinclair, Julia Quinn, Patrick Rothfuss, etc. So, a lot of you like my book. I guess some of you love it as much as I love the books of my favorite authors? Seems so presumptious to think that. I’ll just leave this one unchecked for now.

2. To have Felicia Day* read my book. Why Felicia Day? Well, take a look at her Goodreads account. She loves the same type of books I love! Meredith Duran, Patrick Rothfuss, Joanna Bourne, etc. And look at her most recent updates! You seeeee it! She read The Shadow Reader! And, so what if she wasn’t totally in love with the book. That’s perfectly okay – my book isn’t for everyone – but she read it! Front to back, she read it! Achievement Unlocked!

3. My 3rd goal I won’t even speak of. It’s way too farfetched, so I’ll keep it to myself. Unless I get to unlock the achievement. 🙂

Speaking of Goodreads, totally love that site. I love reading reviews. The good reviews are awesome, of course, but the bad reviews? I’m so surprised by how much I like reading them, too. I haven’t had one that hurts my feelings yet. Most of them make me laugh! The only ones that make me go “Whaaaaaat?” are the ones that compare the characters in TSR to characters in Twilight. (Kyol = Edward?????? Huh?????) (Don’t think I’m a Twilight basher. I enjoyed the books (Except the last one, which I think might have been becaused I listened to the audiobook and didn’t read it.).)

Anyway, gotta get to work on revisions. I have my edit letter for The Shattered Dark and a ton of work to do. Oh, and there’s this thing called Christmas coming up. I should probably start thinking about that. Are any of you finished with Christmas shopping? If you are, I might hate you a little. 🙂

* Felicia Day is an actress. She does The Guild web series. She was also in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog with Neil Patrick Harris and Mal Nathan Fillion.