I hope everybody had a fun and safe holiday! I certainly did. But I’m so glad the new year is here. I’m ready to get into a routine and be more organized and productive in 2012! And for the first time ever, I’ve made New Year’s Resolutions. I wrote about my writing focused resolutions in a guest post on the Full Moon Bites blog and then I wrote about my personal resolutions on the Magic & Mayhem blog. I’m hoping I’m able to keep all of them!

My writing day is just about to get started. Super late, I know (it’s after 4pm already), but I had to make a quick run to the grocery store this morning, then I did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen while the boys were napping. Tomorrow, I’m going to start getting up at 6am so I can sneak in either an hour of exercise (see goals below) or an hour of writing before the boys wake up. (Please, God, let them sleep until 7!)

Anyway, I hope to blog more regularly here this year. Mondays will probably be quick check-ins since it’s my day to post at the M&M blog, but look for me on Wednesdays and Fridays as well. Today, I’m starting a new-ish feature/routine. Back in September, I started writing down my Weekly Goals here. I only did it for two weeks, but I think it kept me focused, so I’m bringing it back.

Here are this week’s goals:

1. Write a total of five blogs: one guest blog, one Magic & Mayhem blog, and three blogs here. (Two down, three to go!)
2. Revise seven chapters of The Shattered Dark.
3. Write quarterly newsletter. You can sign up here if you haven’t already.
4. Comment on five blogs a day. I have such a bad habit of just reading blogs, and not commenting.
5. Post daily to Facebook. Gah! I still need to do this today! Hope I can come up with something interesting.

6. Exercise three times this week.
7. Try a new crock pot recipe. I’m inspired by Linda Poitevin’s post on Why the Crockpot is a Writer’s Best Friend
8. Plan this month’s menu. I’ve only done this once before, and it was such a stress reliever!
9. Finish reading Nadia Lee’s The Last Slayer.
10. Start reading the boys a bedtime story. This is more challenging than it might seem. They don’t always like to be held at the same time, and I really don’t want to read a bedtime story twice.

Have any of you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Have any of you broken them already? 😉