Last week wasn’t the greatest productivity-wise. It took a while for me to get back in the swing of things. The three days I had someone watching the babies were great, though. Got lots done then. 🙂

I know most of you following this blog are readers, but for the few writers out there who might be reading, I post writing related tips and thoughts over on the Magic & Mayhem Writers blog every Monday. Today, I posted about the 5 Email Folders Every Writer Should Have. If you have time, check it out, and let me know if you agree.

I’m hoping I do better on my goals this week. One of my problems last week was that I tried to write from home. Bad idea. So, I’ll be spending a lot of time at Starbucks the next few weeks. Revisions on The Shattered Dark are going really well; they’re just not going quickly enough. I’m determined to have them finished by January 31st so I have time to get some feedback and revise again before I send the manuscript back to my editor.


Last week’s goals:

1. Write a total of five blogs: one guest blog, one Magic & Mayhem blog, and three blogs here. (Two down, three to go!) Ugh. Only wrote four. Gotta do better this week!
2. Revise seven chapters of The Shattered Dark. I did well on the days I had someone watching the boys. The other days? Not quite as productive. 🙁
3. Write quarterly newsletter. You can sign up here if you haven’t already. Halfway finished with it!
4. Comment on five blogs a day. I have such a bad habit of just reading blogs, and not commenting. I did this almost every day.
5. Post daily to Facebook. Gah! I still need to do this today! Hope I can come up with something interesting. Oh, yeah. Facebook. I think I posted a few times.

6. Exercise three times this week. Twice in a week is better than nothing, right?
7. Try a new crock pot recipe. Woohoo! I get to cross something off my list! Didn’t like the recipe, though. Boo. But the next day, I used my bread machine and made easy Italian breadsticks. Yummy!
8. Plan this month’s menu. I planned the menu for the week, so I guess this is 1/4 done.
9. Finish reading Nadia Lee’s The Last Slayer. Another one crossed off my list! If you like dragons and hot books, you should give this a try.
10. Start reading the boys a bedtime story. This is more challenging than it might seem. They don’t always like to be held at the same time, and I really don’t want to read a bedtime story twice. I did this one night. See.


This week’s goals (there’s a lot of carry over from last week):

1. Write a total of five blogs.
2. Revise five chapters of The Shattered Dark.
3. Finish writing quarterly newsletter. You can sign up here if you haven’t already.
4. Comment on five blogs a day. I’m going to make myself a tick sheet so I can keep track.
5. Post daily to Facebook.

6. Exercise three times this week.
7. Plan the rest of this month’s menu.
8. Wake up at 6am every weekday morning. The real reason I didn’t meet my exercise goal is I kept sleeping too late. Boys are waking up at 7 and I’d like to get up at 6 so I can get some things done before then.
9. Read Ann Aguirre’s AFTERMATH. If you have not read this series, drop everything else and read the first book, Grimspace, now!
10. List formal dresses for sale on ebay. You guys, I still have my prom dress. Never mind that I hardly ever go somewhere where I’d need to wear that, but I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I will never, ever fit into it again. 🙁 Anyway, I have several dresses I’d like to put up for auction.