One of my resolutions this year is to go to a big conference. The two that I’m considering are the RT Booklovers Convention in Rosemont, Illinois and the Romance Writers of America Convention in Anaheim, California.

Right now, I have to say I’m leaning toward the RWA convention. Mostly, because it’s in the late summer instead of the late spring, and I’m still feeling pretty stressed out with these revisions and the babies and life in general. Maybe I’ll have things under control in July?

Or maybe I’m just procrastinating.

The RWA convention is geared more toward writers than toward readers, although I’m pretty sure there’s a public signing. RT, I think, is a bit more reader oriented. I plan to alternate the conference I attend every year, so if I do RWA this year, I’d do RT next, but I really have no idea which one to start with. It might come down to who I know who’s attending RT and/or RWA – I’m probably going to need a roommate – but I thought I’d ask you guys if you have an opinion.

(I want to insert a poll here, but the last time I tried that on the Magic & Mayhem blog, I broke it. I’ll figure the whole poll thing out later, but for now, just leave your response in the comments. Thanks!)

Which convention should I attend in 2012?

RT in Rosemont, Illinois
RWA in Anaheim, California

Are any of you attending either convention?