Amazon Taxes: I discovered last weekend that, since June of 2011, every Kindle book purchase I’ve made has been charged a sales tax. As I said on Twitter, I’m not exactly upset at being taxed – I think Amazon will have to tax all purchases soon – but I am annoyed there wasn’t any warning or notification of the change. I emailed Amazon to see what was up, and they responded with something about the book being sold by a third party, the publisher, so it’s subject to sales taxes.

So, all Kindle books (with the exception of self-pubb’d maybe) are subject to sales taxes, but I can by the same paperback book through Amazon, and not have sales taxes applied. Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

Amazon also decided to issue me a $5 credit. I wasn’t writing for a refund or money or anythign, but hey, I’ll take it.

The thing that still bothers me, though, is that every single other person I’ve talked to says they don’t pay taxes on Kindle books. I’m feeling kind of singled out. So, here’s a question to other ebook owners out there: have you paid a sales tax on the ebooks you’ve purchased?

Aggie Sippy Cups:  (Note: You might have to be an Aggie or familiar with Aggie jokes to get this story.) Last fall, we received two Aggie Sippy Cups from a friend of my husband’s grandparents. Since we both went to A&M, we were super excited about the sippy cups. Just the other day, I took one out of the cabinet because I wanted to try to give Monkey some water with apple juice. I put it in the sippy cup (yes, I know six months old is super early for sippy cups, but I was experimenting) then gave it to him. He liked chewing on it, but wasn’t very interested.

A friend said her son kept getting frustrated with sippy cups because they were kind of hard to sip from, so I decided to try out the Aggie sippy cup to make sure it wasn’t to difficult to get the water to flow.

You guys, I couldn’t get a drop out of it!

I told the husband when he came home. He tried it himself (he was totally thinking I was just sippy cup handicapped and that it would work fine for him!).

He couldn’t get anything out either!

Now, we’re kind of realizing these really are Aggie sippy cups.

Email: I think I’m caught up on responding to reader emails! Woohoo! I appreciate every single one of you who has read my book, and I definitely do want to respond to your emails (although, sometimes, it might take me a while), so if you’ve sent me an email or contacted me through my Contact Page or via Goodreads and you haven’t heard from me, please contact me again. Thanks!