My second quarterly newsletter went out last week. The contest question was “What is your favorite scene from The Shadow Reader?” I loved reading your responses! Since I had more than one person interested in everyone else’s answers, I thought I’d share them here. If you haven’t finished the book, these might be slightly spoilery, but I’ll try to be vague.

1. The wedding scene. Page 168

2. The scene where McKenzie shadow-reads for the first time. Page 26-27

3. This scene involved a certain somebody discovering a certain piece of jewelry. Page 227

4. When McKenzie tries to escape using bedsheets! Page 31

5. The confrontation between McKenzie and a certain guy in the palace. Page 199-201

6. The kiss before the big, final fight. Page 285

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*~*~*~*~* Shelli R.! *~*~*~*~*

I‘ll email you! 😉

Thanks to everyone who emailed! If you’re not subscribed to my email newsletter, you can do so here.

And now, for my Monday update. I did better on my goals this time around. Hurray! But I think I still need to do some scaling back. I am so, so tired. And stressed. This second book is still kicking my butt. I mean, it’s going okay – I’m still hopeful I’ll meet my January 31st deadline (my deadline, not the publisher’s) – but every waking moment, I’m thinking about the book. I’m even thinking about it when I’m trying to sleep. That’s not always a bad thing, but most of my thoughts are things like, “God, I hope I get this finished in time,” “Man, I hope this book turns out to be as good as I know it can be,” and “I hope readers like this book at least half as much as they liked the first one!”

In other words, I have MAJOR anxiety over book two. I think this is normal. I keep telling myself it is, at least.

Anyway, here are my goals from last week:

1. Write a total of five blogs. Failed miserably!
2. Revise five chapters of The Shattered Dark.  I REALLY think I did this last week, but I started counting my progress in pages and I’m not sure where I started, so I’m going to leave it uncrossed off.
3. Comment on five blogs a day. I did this at least one day. I really just need to keep track better.
4. Post daily to Facebook. Another miserable fail!

5. Exercise three times this week. Gawd. I was so, so close to this! Even had my jogging shoes on and everything, but husband had to go somewhere at the last minute, so I had to stay in and watch the boys.
6. Plan the rest of this month’s menu. I did even better! I planned the next four weeks’ menus. Hurrah!
7. Read Ann Aguirre’s AFTERMATH. I’m not reading at all lately. Maybe this will get better after I finish book two, too? I don’t know, but I want to read more!
8. List formal dresses for sale on ebay. Totally did this! Not on ebay, but on a local garage sale site.

Looking at the list, it doesn’t seem like I did better. I felt like I did more, though, so that has to count for something!

This week’s goals:


1. Catch up on emails. I’m woefully far behind again. Don’t know how that happened.
2. Write three blog posts.
3. Revise next 50 pages of TSD.


4. Exercise three times.
5. Babyproof outlets. Boy #2 is an expert in his walker. He flies! And he’s even able to hit the front door, turn around, and come back, all by himself. We have a few outlets that are right at hand level for him. Plus, I think Boy #1 is going to crawl soon.
6. Organize the pantry. This one might carry over until next week. I think I need to purchase a few organization tools, like Under Shelf Wrap Rack
and an Expandable Shelf Organizer
What are your plans for the week?