I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans! And I can still breath! Whoop!

That’s super exciting, but I have even more super exciting news. Guess who’s story is going to be made into an audiobook?

McKenzie’s story!!!*

Yes, that’s right. Tantor Audio will be producing the audiobook version of The Shadow Reader (A Shadow Reader Novel). I don’t have publication date details yet or know who the narrator will be, but I’m so excited about this! People can listen to TSR while they’re driving or cleaning house or jogging or… Hmm. I wonder if certain scenes will make people run faster.

*does happy dance*

Also, I made a decision about Which Big Convention I’m going to attend in 2012. I’m going to the RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago! It’s April 11th to 15th, and I’ll be at the big, public signing on Saturday, the 14th. Let me know if you’re going to be there! I’d love to meet you IRL!

The RT signing will be my second public signing. My first is two weeks before then on Friday, March 30th at the North Texas Two Step Conference. I’m excited about both! I’ve really only signed books for friends, family, and giveaways so far. I’ve just had zero time on my hands since July. Imagine that. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all my news for now! *more happy dancing*



* I don’t think of The Shadow Reader as my story or book. It’s totally hers. Does this make me slightly psychotic? Not sure if I want an answer to that.