Sometime between Sunday and Monday, I passed the 1,000 rating mark on Goodreads. Whoohoo! Thank you everyone who’s read and rated The Shadow Reader. You all totally rock!

I really wanted to have a swag giveaway when I reached the 1k milestone – and when I reached the 50 Amazon reviews milestone – but I actually have to have swag in order to give it away, and as usual, I’m behind on getting that made. I’m behind on everything, actually, which you could probably tell since my weekly update is coming on Tuesday instead of Monday. *sigh*

Maybe I’ll be able to catch up at the end of February? Pleasepleaseplease?

Anyway, here’s my update.

Last Week’s Goals


1. Catch up on emails. I’m still woefully far behind. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m very sorry! I’ll catch up just as soon as I finish my revisions..
2. Write three blog posts.
3. Revise next 50 pages of TSD. I might have done this. It’s hard to tell since I deleted *cough* twenty *cough* pages.


4. Exercise three times.
5. Babyproof outlets.
6. Organize the pantry. Bought supplies!


This Week’s Goals

1. Finish revisions on The Shattered Dark.
2. Finish revisions on The Shattered Dark.
3. Finish revisions on The Shattered Dark
Does it sound like I’m panicking?!?!?!?!?