(Grr. My laptop just froze up on me. Had to rewrite this post. Usually, it only freezes when I move it, but I swear I didn’t do anything other than use the keyboard. This laptop is only 2.5 years old. It shouldn’t have these problems!)


I haven’t finished last week’s goal (note the singular noun), so that’s the goal for this week as well. Finish The Shattered Dark.

Am I still panicking? Yes. It’s due next Monday, and I still have a few big scenes to flesh out, including one I just discovered yesterday. The good news is I’m almost liking the book. According to everyone who knows me, I always hate every book I write until I’m finished writing them. I don’t feel like I hated The Shadow Reader, though. I was worried about it, but almost all of that worry was centered around the fact that I wrote it in the present tense. I’d never written in present tense before, and I knew that some people loathed it (I used to loathe it.), so I moaned and groaned that nobody was going to like my book because they wouldn’t like the way it was written.

Anyway, I’m past that type of worry now. Now, I worry all the time about whether book two will be even half as good as book one. Book one was everything I wanted it to be. Book two is… Well, I’m at the point where I’m calling it “Good, but different.”

I should be working on book two right now, but it’s Monday, which is No Nanny Day. Back in the fall, I tried to work on the days when I didn’t have help with the boys, and I didn’t achieve anything. It was so very, very frustrating. I would be on the verge of crying almost all day long, and those were the times that I stopped and asked myself why the hell had I chosen to become a mother.

When I finally gave up on trying to get anything done on No Nanny Days, everything was sunnier. I didn’t resent being home alone with the babies. I even started to enjoy it. So, now I use Mondays for cleaning, couponing, blog posting/reading, and thinking-about-organizing (I need to write a post about the thinking-about-organizing thing). Those are all things that I don’t mind getting interrupted.

I am kind of stressed out about it today, though, just because I have so much to do before turning The Shattered Dark in. But I don’t want to reach that level of frustration again, so I’m posting, cleaning the kitchen, and doing laundry today. Oh, and playing with the boys, who are super adorable. They’re six and a half months old, almost sitting up on their own, and they loooooove their walkers. Boy #2 is an expert at his. He can do U-turns! He practically flies!

Off to fold some baby clothes (THAT job is neverending!).

Last Week’s Goal

1. Finish The Shattered Dark

This Week’s Goal

1. Finish The Shattered Dark!