A few years ago when my husband and I were living in London, we started watching a program called Dragon’s Den. We really enjoyed it, and not just because it was the only thing on besides Friends (seriously, they showed Friends all the time over there!), but it was interesting. The gist of the show is that a man or woman is looking for funds for their business. A panel of millionaires listens to their presentation and decides whether or not they want to invest. Two things make this show a win for me:

1. We get to see new business ideas.

2. We get to see how millionaires make decisions on whether to invest in something or not.

Super cool, right?

Turns out, they imported this show to the U.S.! They call it the Shark Tank here. (Who knows why? I prefer the name Dragon’s Den.)

Anywho, this lady presented to the sharks the other day. She has a business called One Sole. She has shoes which have interchangable tops! Supposedly, the shoes are comfortable.

A sampling of some tops:


I should say, I’m not a shoe fan. I mean, I like wearing them and everything, but I hate spending money on them, so 99.9% of the time, I’m wearing tennis shoes or my black Puma’s. But occasionally, I do need to dress up a bit more, and since I’m thinking about what I’m going to pack for the RT Booklovers Convention, One Sole seems like a great idea. I can pack one pair of shoes and a few tops!

I really, really want to find a pair to try on, but it looks like they only sale them in boutiques. Boo.

Do any of you have One Soles or something similar? Totally love the concept.