I’m so excited to announce that both The Shadow Reader and The Shattered Dark will be published in France by Brangelonne Editions!

I don’t have more details than that, but I’ve been doing a  happy dance since I heard the news. I think it’s awesome that more people will get a chance to read McKenzie’s story. And maybe there will be a new cover and a new title? No idea, but I always love it when authors post the covers and titles for their foreign editions. A lot of times, they’re the same, but different, ya know?

Speaking of the same but different, I got a sneak peak of the cover for The Shadow Reader Audiobook. I had no idea audiobooks sometimes had different covers, but apparently they do! I can’t wait to post the one Tantor is doing. I’m curious to see what you think. I think it’s great!

Oh, hold on! Wait!

I just checked Tantor’s site to see the release date, and they have the cover posted! You guys, audiobook publishing moves sooo fast! Seriously. I just saw this cover two days ago. And I think I was on the phone with the narrator (who is awesome, by the way) within about two weeks of learning about the audiobook deal back in January.

Anyway, here is the audiobook cover for The Shadow Reader Audiobook, which releases on March 12th (Woah! That’s just over two weeks away!). See what I mean by “the same but different”? What do you guys think?


Also, it looks like, if you pre-order the audiobook, you get 50% off the retail price. Sweet!