Why, hello there, Thursday. Where the hell did you come from?

I’m way late on posting the winner of my latest newsletter contest. This should have gone up on Monday. Life is just crazy, crazy, crazy, which is why I’ve been debating temporarily closing down this blog. (The poll on that link is still open if you want to offer your input. I’ll try to post the results in a week or so. So far, the answer isn’t what I thought it would be!) It’s going to be even crazier for the next two weeks. I received my copy edits yesterday. I have two weeks to make the book perfect. The copy edits aren’t all that bad, but over the weekend, I received a critique from my very brilliant, best-est, ZOMG-I-love-her beta reader, Renee Sweet, and she’s totally nailed The Thing that’s been bothering me about my book. What’s even better is that I know how to fix it!

Cue supremely happy dance.

Newsletter Contest

Thank you for everyone who emailed me with input on what you like to read about in author newsletters. It sounds like I’m doing some things right, and I have some ideas of other things to add in there and maybe some things to take out. Anyway, I appreciate you guys subscribing and for taking the time to email me.

The randomly drawn winner of the newsletter contest is:

Jill B.!

Congratulations! I’m sending a $10 Amazon Gift Card to your email address. Thanks again!