I just realized I never updated my goals last week. Oops. I actually did well on them! And I had a super productive week, writing wise last week. I finished my copy edits! I finished them EARLY! Tell me your impressed.

Of course, I’m not quite relinquishing the manuscript yet. I’m going to read through it at least two more times before it’s due, just to make sure I’m not missing something obvious and I might tweak word choices or sentence structure or something, but the book could be published as is and I’d be extremely happy with it.


I have two posts up on other blogs today. The first one is my regular Magic and Mayhem post. You guys might find it interesting. I keep notes on my progress while I’m writing, and a bit of writer-angst shows through in my Quotes from the Writing Log.

The other post up is an interview and giveaway. It’s over on the Reading Between the Wines Blog (absolutely adore the title of that blog!). Hop on over there to learn about my take on mythology.


Goals from Two Week’s Ago:

1. Create a meal plan for the next week.

2. Write three blog posts. (I really, really need to write blogs in advance or they don’t get done!)

3. Finish edits on TSD. (I’ll get copy edits back soon, but there are some things in the second half that need to be tweaked, and I’d like to give the full manuscript a complete read before I work on the copy edits.) I didn’t finish the edits I wanted to do until last Wednesday, so I didn’t actually meet this weekly goal, but since they ARE finished, I’m totally crossing it off.

4. Finish labeling the pantry. (Since I can’t find those damn labels, I’ll print my own as I mentioned. I think I’ll need to make a trip to Target or Michael’s to “laminate” them and get a couple of other things. I’ll try to post a before and after pic.) I found the labels! Unfotunately, I didn’t have enough to completely complete the pantry, but I’m going to call it done for now. It’s so much more organized than it was before! I went from this organized mess

where everything was just thrown in and I couldn’t find stuff and things I didn’t want fell when I grabbed things I wanted, to this:


It’s more impressive in real life, I swear! (And please ignore my overflowing recycling on the floor. Gotta figure out a better way of containing it!) I really love the over the door Elfa system I bought from The Container Store! I thought it would rattle around and being annoying when I opened and closed the door, but it’s not at all. It’s perfect and customizable! Here are a few closer up pics:

5. Cook at least one Deadline Dinner! (I’ll post more on “Deadline Dinners” later.) My husband actually gets credit for this. He made a double recipe of his mom’s enchiladas. We hate some and froze enough for more meals. We haven’t tried these frozen yet, but if it works out well, I’ll let you know (and see if it’s okay with his mom if I post the recipe!).


This Week’s Goals

1. Organize my bathroom sink!

2. Plan menu for this week.

3. Read through The Shattered Dark at least twice.

4. Write four blog posts.

5. Declutter bookshelves! We are out of space on our bookshelves. Most of the book we have, we’ll never touch again. I’ve decided I’m only going to keep print copies of my absolute favorite books and signed books. This is a massive project that might take more than one week to accomplish!