• Two weeks ago, when I wrote down my weekly goals, I forgot one tiny detail: I was leaving town for a week and a half. All my goals pretty much flew out the window when I remembered that, and I spent my time scrambling to get ready instead of crossing things off my list (although I did finish my copy edits!). So, lets pretend that week’s goals are this week’s goals. ‘kay?
  • I was reading through Fitness Magazine the other day. It was it’s anniversary issue. In it, it talked about fashion changes over the years. One of those fashion changes is that scrunchies, apparently, are so ’90s. At least, that’s what Carrie Bradshaw said on Sex in the City. You guys can probably guess what I’ve been using to pull my hair back with for the last, oh, 30 years. I like scrunchies – I feel like they break my hair less – but I guess I can try out some of those new hair-puller-backer things they’ve come out with recently.
  • Lose it! I need to lose weight. Seriously. About 10 lbs. This isn’t pregnancy weight, but weight I put on after two back to back surgeries and infertility treatments. It needs to go. So, I’ve downloaded this app called Lose It! that let’s me track my calories and exercise. I just started it up today. I think people can friend me on it? I need peer pressure to be successful at this, so if you have the app and are interested in cheering me on, you can try to find me at sandy AT sandy DASH williams DOT com. (I think that’s how you would add me.)
  • Went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans last weekend. We used the event as an excuse to see our friends who moved out there. We took the boys. Not the best idea, but I knew that going in. It’s an all day festival of music. That could be fun, but it required 10+ hours of driving (split over two days) and it was so freaking crowded. We could barely move our double wide jogging stroller around so it was hard to find a good place to sit and lay out a blanket. One of our boys is… wiggly. He will not stay still! And what’s worse is that he has no fear. None. So when we finally did take him out of the stroller, we had to constantly corral him on the blanket. Some grass may have been eaten anyway. The other boy was just plain miserable the whole time. So, I opted out of day two of Jazz Fest and stayed home with them the next day. I think everyone had fun on day two, so that’s good. The husband was able to see the Foo Fighters, and it was nice seeing all our NOLA friends.
  • Speaking of NOLA, I really had no idea just how hard it would be to be away from home for a week and a half with two crawling boys! When we’re at home, I don’t have to watch them quite as closely as when we’re out. Our home is thoroughly baby proofed, and I know where they can and can’t get into trouble (for the most part. I’m sure they’ll prove me wrong any second now). But when we’re away, even at our friends’ who have baby-proofed their houses, I have to pretty much watch them constantly. I don’t want my boys to tear anything up, or make a mess, or get into things they shouldn’t. It’s exhausting, watching them so closely. I am so happy to be back home!
  • I am REALLY ready to start writing again! For realz! Not sure if the nanny will be here tomorrow, but hopefully, I can get a synopsis written this week and start pounding out new words.