1. I found myself on the phone with an insurance company today. I also found myself wanting to strangle the company’s automated voice-rec system. It was awful. After screaming “Operator!” several times and getting asked the same irrelevant questions again and again, I finally was able to talk to a human. I was a bit testy by this point. Then, I was a bit confused. The guy had a little accent, and our convo with something like this.

Guy: I can’t give you a quote here, but I will transfer you to someone who can.

Me: Okay. Thanks.

Guy: Can I bless your home?

Me: …..?

Guy: Ma’am?

Me: What?

Guy: Can I bless your home?

Me: Um… sure?

Guy: Thank you. I am putting you on hold now.

Me after click: Ohhhhh.

2. I’m playing soccer for the first time in two years tonight. I’m kind of worried about this. I’ve started exercising more lately, but I’m still extremely out of shape. And I’m not so sure my legs are correctly connected to my body. Seriously! They haven’t been since before I was pregnant. My left leg joint is hurting already, thinking about me trying to run around an indoor field, changing directions quickly.

3. My husband and I used to agree that having two babies wasn’t twice as hard as having one baby. We fed them at the same time, made them sleep at the same time, and as long as Baby #1 had his swing, the whole family was happy. Then, he outgrew his swing. And they started crawling. And staying awake more. And wanting things. Now, Baby #2 is walking. #1 took his first steps three days ago, and they’re requiring So. Much. Attention. The second I so much as look like I might possibly stand up, I’m swarmed by crying babies. And don’t get me started on the diaper and clothing changes. These boys fight both so hard! So I’d say that, for the past three months, having twins IS twice as hard as having one baby. Someone please tell me this will change soon!

4. Speaking of the boys, they’ll be one in less than a month! I’m starting to plan their birthday. For someone who was anti-crafty, anti-home economics, and anti-mom for most of her life, this is quite an endeavor. All I have to say is thank God for Pinterest!

5. Not much to talk about on the writing front except that I’m writing. I haven’t made much progress on the word count, but that’s mostly because the last couple of weeks haven’t been normal. I’m hoping to get a good amount written next week. I’m excited about the book, though! It’s kind of nice knowing what’s going to happen.

Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?