It’s been a frustratingly unproductive week at my house. I was supposed to spend it getting ready for the boys’ first birthday, which is Saturday, but they both got super sick at the beginning of the week. (Boy #1 had a 103 degree fever Sunday night!).  #2 came down with it on Tuesday, and then, of course, I got it on Wednesday afternoon. I think both boys are on the mend. I hope they are, at least. It is so NOT fun to be sick. I still have a really bad sore throat that might eventually drive me to the doctor. I’m hoping the boys are really better and not just being tough (I want to curl into a ball and moan; Or, alternatively, eat popsicles all day.)

Anyway, we decided to move the boys’ birthday party until next weekend, so I’ll STILL be getting ready for that next week.

Meanwhile, I got page proofs for THE SHATTERED DARK! This is the last time I’ll be able to look over the book and make any changes. I’ll mainly just be reading for typos and missing words and stuff since I’m no longer allowed to make big changes, but I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t read this book in months (I soooo needed that break!). I hope it’s good! *crosses fingers*

Hmm. What else is going on? Well, I’m caught in a kind of akward/annoying email loop. Apparently, somebody died this week. The problem is, I have no idea who this somebody is. I don’t even know who all the other recipients of the email are, but now my inbox is flooded* with emails of people sending their condolences and talking about what a wonderful person this lady was. Which is all nice, right? It’s just that… I don’t know her. Or anyone else. But what can I do? It would be totally rude to ask them to remove me from their email list. Wouldn’t it?

I think it’s my name. Sandy Williams is so, so common. Seriously, I’ve met so many Sandy Williams in my life, it’s not even funny. I considered using a pen name because it seemed, well, too common, but I couldn’t come up with anything cool or meaningful. Anyway, I think these people probably knew a Sandy Williams and, somehow, got my email instead of the right Sandy Williams’ email.

I’m rambly today, I know. It’s because my throat hurts. And Baby #1 doesn’t sound like he wants to take a nap. I’m hoping if I ignore him long enough, he’ll pass out.

Anyway, I should try to do something productive. Like wrap presents. Or clean the house (it was clean Wednesday; how did it get this messy in two days!). Or, you know, read The Shattered Dark or work on my next project.

I’ll probably end up getting Baby #1. *le sigh*