I iz exhausted. But I’m here and I’m sort of awake. I’ve actually done pretty well with this getting up early thing. I’ve been up by 6:30 (I can hear all of you who ALWAYS get up at 6:30 or earlier rolling your eyes!) every day but Tuesday, and Tuesday wasn’t my fault. It was the mice’s fault.

Yeah. Mice. In the walls. Monday morning, I heard something scratching at the front of the house. I dismissed it, thinking a bird was outside being stupid or something, because birds are kind of stupid and I have a longheld hatred of them that goes back to Fish Lot at Texas A&M, where you very quickly learned to never, ever park under a tree (or walk through the lot without an umbrella or something on your head). So, yes, I blamed birds.

But Tuesday morning, around 4am, the boys started making noise. I started listening. I heard something weird, but I figured it was just Boy #1 hitting his pacifier against the crib, one of his favorite things to do. Something wasn’t quite right about the sound, though, so I got out of bed and went to our restroom, where I heard the scratching clearly. Since I’d heard the exact same scratching the morning before at the front of the house, I immediately knew what it was.

Five minutes later, when the scratching rounded the corner of the house and was now on the very back wall of our master bedroom, I couldn’t go back to sleep. Well, not until 6am. I turned off my alarm and finally fell back asleep for an hour.

The husband put out traps, but no luck yet. *shivers*

Anyway, that’s the only morning I’ve slept in.

Gah, but I want to be sleeping now. I’ve been exercising, too. 4 out of the last 5 days. Isn’t exercising supposed to give you more energy? That’s what the experts say to try to convince people like me that we should get off our butts and move. When does that happen? Because I REALLY need some energy. I might be getting up a little earlier than usual, but I’m going to bed at a decent time. I want my energy!

Hey, you remember on Monday when I said my posts might be rambly because of the early hour? Yep. I’m rambly. And rambling.

Before I ramble any more, I need to announce the winner of my last newsletter contest! I asked what question readers would want to ask other readers if they were in a book club discussing THE SHADOW READER. I’m adding the winner’s question to my Discussion Questions, and she also wins a $10 Amazon.

And the winner is: Rebecca H., who wants to ask:

“What do you think the manifestations of McKenzie’s behavior were in her “real life” that resulted in her being committed to an institution? Without the fae’s interruption of her life, would this have still emerged?”

Thanks, Rebecca! You should receive an email from me soon.