It was 60 degrees this morning! The high will be in the upper 80s! Woot! Compare that to yesterday and the day before, when it reached 104, and you now know why I’m a happy Sandy. My weekend morning jog was so much more pleasant than last week’s.

Got some writing done this morning, too. I learned something that’s going to happen in the latter part of the book, and even now two hours later, my chest is still all achy and tight. But that’s a good thing, that emotional involvement in my book. It’s a little terrifying, too, though, because I always worry that I’m the only one who’s going to feel a scene, and if I’m the only one who feels it, then the book is destined to suck.

I was reading through a few blogs this morning. Ilona – you guys love and read Ilona Andrews, right? – wrote that there comes a time in every book, at about 10k words, where she doubts the whole idea of a book. I have to say, I know exactly what she means, but for me, that point comes somewhere between 30k-40k words. That’s when I begin to think that the book I’m writing is  the worst thing in the world, that I should just scrap every single word I’ve written and start over because it’s THAT bad.

That’s where I was last week. I was doing great before then, meeting my word count and liking the book pretty well. Then, I hit 30k and couldn’t seem to write anything anymore. I managed to refrain from freaking out too badly – the fabulously awesome Renee Sweet kept me sane – and I just kept typing away.* I made it past 40k, and the last few writing days have been pretty great. My book is no longer broken. I actually like it at this moment. Hurray!

Now, I’m hanging out with my boys and getting ready to watch Aggie Football! It’s a great Saturday.


* I honestly think the writing program, Scrivener, helped me push through. I wrote about my first impressions on Scrivener at the Magic & Mayhem blog, and after a month and a half of using it, I’m 100% sold. Buying it was one of the best things I’ve done – if not THE best thing – for my writing career.