This was a semi-productive week. I’m not as far along on the book as I’d like to be, but that’s not unusual. I did figure out a couple of things, plot-wise, that are strengthening the story. There was this scene I’ve had in mind for well over a year with a side character, a very minor side character. The scene would have been great, but it had repurcussions that were annoying to me. So, I made the tough decision and deleted it. Now, I need to unwrite a bunch of scenes with this side character and rewrite them with another, more important character. Lots of work, but I was trying to force the other scene, and there just really wasn’t a good reason for it.

I also learned something BAD about the book. Very, very, very bad. Since I haven’t reached that part of the story, it might not happen…  Well, we’ll just have to see.

Anyway, I’m just over 55k words into the book. Not bad considering I’ve just been writing it for three months. I really, really think I can write two books in 2013! (Writing them doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be published, though.)

Today and this weekend, I plan to write a few guest blog posts. The Shattered Dark Blog Tour will run from October 23 – November 7 (I’ll post dates and blog stops soon). You’ll have an opportunity to win a copy of TSD at every stop. Yay! I’ll be doing a few interviews, and so will a few of my characters. The other stops will be guest blog posts. I’m coming up with topics, but I’m interested in hearing what you guys would like to read about. If you’ll take a second to take the poll below, I’d appreciate it!

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