The husband and I just got back from a week in San Francisco and the wine country. I was able to put all my responsibilities and obligations mostly on hold for that week, but now ZOMG! everything is crashing down on me all at once. It doesn’t helped that I returned to one very sad, sick baby and have had to hold him almost constantly since I’ve been home. Doctor said it’s a viral infection, so I’m bracing for baby #2 to get sick any moment. Also, my husband’s car is broken and in the shop, I have to take my car in before we drive to Houston, and I have to wash all our laundry so we can repack everything. Oh, and we had dentist appointments scheduled. Totally cancelled those. Oh, and I’m currently sitting at home waiting for a plumber to get here to check on what I’m suspecting might be a Very Expensive Problem.

This is the life of a writer. Pretty glamorous, isn’t it?

I’ve basically come to terms with the fact that I’m going to get very little work done this week. Even if I do get a chance to sneak in some time, it’s not going to be on my current writing project. I have blog posts to write, events to share, and other behind-the-scenes mostly boring stuff to do-

Aw. Sick baby woke up. I’m taking him to the doctor again in a half hour. I’ll post again as soon as I can with a more peppy, intersting post!

ETA: On the way home from taking the sick baby to the doctor, my tire started making thunk thunk thunk sounds, like it was flat. Turns out, I ran over some sharp piece of metal. Fortunately, it didn’t go all the way through, but I lost a few hours today taking it to a tire shop to make sure. *sigh*