Spent this week at my parents’ house with my brother and his family. My brother is a marine. Has been for almost sixteen years, so I rarely get to see him or his girls. For the past two years, he’s been in Australia, which is kind of an awesome assignment because it means he didn’t have to go to Iraq (again) or Afghanistan or some other place where his family couldn’t go with him.

We were sitting around Wednesday night and the conversation of Halloween costumes came up. Trey and I haven’t decided yet what we want the boys to be, but if I was crafty and could figure out how to do it, I said I’d dress them up as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. My brother and his girls’ response to this? Blank stares.

They’d never heard of Dr. Horrible’s Sing along Blog! A travesty, I know! So I did what any good sister would do: I found Dr. Horrible on YouTube and played it for them (I have the DVD at home, five hours away. Need to put it on my computer!).

That show never gets old. Love it! So funny. And every time Felicia Day came on the screen, I blurted out, “She read my book!” Made the show even better in my opinion. 🙂  (Next, I need to introduce him to The Guild.)

And now, I’m happy to report that my brother, his wife, his girls, and my dad and grandmother and mom are now all acquainted with Dr. Horrible. They even laughed.

My brother introduced me to a few things, too. He and his fam were aghast to learn I’d never heard of Glozell, so we proceeded to have a Glozell-a-thon on Youtube. My favorite? The cinnamon challenge: