UPDATED: 10/31

The Shattered Dark Blog Tour begins tomorrow! It runs for two weeks, and at each stop, my publisher will be giving away a copy of THE SHATTERED DARK! This is the first, official blog tour I’ve done – I was way too frazzled last year to attempt it – and I’m happy with how all the interviews and guest posts have turned out. I hope you enjoy them!

I’ll update this post with direct links when the guest posts go live, but here are the blogs I’ll be visiting.

October 23rd at Book Lovers Inc: An interview with Aren.
October 24th at The Qwillery: An interview with Aren and McKenzie.
October 25th at Rabid Reads: A guest post in which a talk about how I love all reviews, even the “bad” ones.
October 26th at All Things Urban Fantasy: Top Ten List of my favorite authors and how they influence my writing.
October 27th at UF Reviews: A guest post in which I write about the origins of the shadow reader world. I think this post is cool because it talks very specifically about the thing that put the very first scene I wrote in my head.
October 28th at Addicted2Heroines: An interview with McKenzie in which she talks about her regrets and her decisions. (And they’ve posted an early review of THE SHATTERED DARK here! Warning: some small spoilers are in this review.)
October 29th at Smexy Books: A guest post in which I talk about how much I love the shadow reader covers! And, yes, I address the whole sword issue. 🙂
PUB DAY! October 30th at Reading Cafe: An interview with me!
October 31st at Yummy Men: Another interview with me, this time talking about world building, creating a language, the covers again, and writing with twins.
November 1st at Badass Books: Guest post in which I talk about the five things I can’t write without.
November 2nd at Van’s Short and Sweet Reviews: Yet another interview with yours truly. Learn about my favorite movie, my favorite scenes from The Shattered Dark, and who I could see playing McKenzie, Aren, and Kyol if the books were made into movies.
November 3rd at Dark faerie Tales: Guest post in which I talk about my five favorite scenes from The Shadow Reader. I’m curious to see if my favorites are the same as yours.
November 4th at Fantasy Cafe: In this guest post, I talk about how I created a map of the Realm.
November 5th at Fiction Vixen: Five signs your reading a Sandy Williams’ Book guest post.
November 6th at Paperback Dolls: Paperback Proust!
November 7th at My Bookish Ways: Guest post in which I talk about how much I love Goodreads. This somehow turned out to be my favorite post. I really, really love Goodreads!

Even if, for some odd reason you don’t want to win a FREE copy of THE SHATTERED DARK, I hope you stop by these sites. These are some of my absolute favorite review sites, and I check them often for book recommendations.

ETA: Due to Hurricane Sandy, we’re postponing the virtual launch. I’ll post the new date as soon as I have it! Want another chance to win THE SHATTERED DARK? On release day, Tuesday, October 30th, there will be a giveaway at the virtual launch shindig. What’s even better is that you’ll also have a chance to win a copy of Allison Pang’s next book, A TRACE OF MOONLIGHT. Go to http://shindig.com/event/pang-williams for more information.

And finally, a Goodreads giveaway is scheduled to begin on October 30th! I’ll link directly to the giveaway when it goes live. ETA: Giveaway is here.

Release day is almost here!