Book stuff: Two stops on The Shattered Dark Blog Tour are up. They’re both interviews, one with Aren and the other with Aren and McKenzie. You can find the active links on my blog tour post and see other, upcoming stops on the tour and discover more ways to enter to win a copy of THE SHATTERED DARK.

And I’ve received a couple of reviews that make me so happy! I feel weird about retweeting or posting reviews, though. Like I’m singing my own applause. Do you guys like it when an author posts or tweets reviews? I’ll post them here today, but I think I might create a separate page on my blog for them. Somehow, that seems less, “Look how awesome I am!”

Reviews (Beward: Spoilers for The Shadow Reader! But, with the exception of the third one, these are spoiler-free for The Shattered Dark)

Book Lovers Inc.
A Book Obsession
Addicted2Heroines (Warning: there is a bit of a spoiler in this review)

Thing number two: Life stuff. I voted today! It was kind of an accident. While I did plan to vote, I hadn’t decided when I’d go. But because my boys are driving me absolutely crazy – they require every ounce of my attention while they’re awake – I was dying to get out of the house. I decided to try out storytime at the library for the first time. We got there about fifteen minutes early, and I just so happened to notice that the polling place was there, and it was open.

Can I just say, that was the most boring ballot I’ve ever voted on? Usually there’s at least one issue on the ballot, or we’re voting for governor or something, but not this year. We got to vote for railway commissioners and judges. Zzzzzzzz.

I guess it might have been more interesting if I voted for president. I didn’t. Well, I did, but I wrote in a candidate to make a point because, you know, the powers that be care what I think.

Anyway, I do think it’s important to vote, so I’m happy it worked out. The whole storytime thing, though? That didn’t work out so much. I don’t think the boys liked it at all. The story time is for one year olds and up (through whatever age a toddler is). My boys didn’t sit in my lap for more than three or four minutes. Then, they both wanted to walk around and get in other people’s space.

And they wanted to walk in different directions. Never good.

I ended up taking them out of the room after about ten minutes. We went to those little play tables that have things you can move around. C was interested. M was not. M was also not interested in holding my hand. But he was interested in taking books off the shelves and using them as sleds. *sigh*

I ended up having to take them both back into the storytime room because they weren’t staying near me or each other at all. They weren’t loud or overly obnoxious; I just couldn’t keep up with them. So, I put them back in their stroller and we watched the last five minutes of storytime.

Not sure if I’ll take them back anytime soon. I want to, but they didn’t seem interested in anything but running around. They’re 15 months. Maybe they’re just too young still? Or maybe we just need to do it more often?

I might try it again with just one baby at a time.