[ETA: The virtual launch that was scheduled tonight has been cancelled due to Sandy. Sandy, the hurricane, not Sandy me. I’m safe and dry in Texas. We’ll reschedule soon!]

[ETA again: The Kindle version of THE SHATTERED DARK isn’t available until next week for some reason. I’m working on getting this fixed, but NY isn’t quite up and running yet, so I’m not sure when it will get changed to the correct date. Very sorry for the inconvenience! It is available on the Nook and in bookstores!]

It’s release day! *throws confetti*

I’m so excited that you guys are finally going to get a chance to read THE SHATTERED DARK! I hope you love it as much as I do. McKenzie grows as a character in this book, and her relationship with a certain hot fae guy deepens as they work through some issues, get to know each other better, and as they fight a civil war.

If you need a break from everything that’s going on this week, I hope you’ll pick it up. Or, if you haven’t read THE SHADOW READER, give that one a try first! There’s a little bit of romance and adventure to take your mind off things.

And if hot fae guys aren’t your thing, here are some other books that hit the shelves today!

OUT FOR BLOOD by Kristen Painter














GHOST PLANET by Sharon Lynn Fisher