This is turning out to be an awesome news week. Yesterday, we had the PM announcement of book three’s sale and the sale of the German rights, and today, I have the French cover for THE SHADOW READER:

It’s friggin’ gorgeous. I love the way McKenzie looks, and the backdrog is awesome. I’m going to assume McKenzie is not wearing only a bra. It’s some kind of tank top, and she’s pulling on a cloak. 🙂

THE SHADOW READER released in January in France with THE SHATTERED DARK coming out in May. Aren’t the French lucky? They only have to wait four months for book two.

I’m told the title means SHINE. I’m assuming that’s the La Diseuse D’ombres because surely Sidhe means Sidhe in French and English? When I typed in La Diseuse D’ombres in the handy dandy online tranlator, it returned with: the monologuist of shades, which is a pretty awesome title in itself, but quite a mouthful. So, this is SIDHE of the SHINE series.

So happy!