Good urban fantasy titles are difficult for me to come up with. In fact, I don’t think I’ve come up with one on my own that’s worked yet. I threw out a lot of options for the first Shadow Reader book. About half of them sounded too paranormal romance-ish. THE SHADOW READER was suggested by my publisher, and it stuck and grew on me.

THE SHATTERED DARK was my previous editor’s idea, too. That one was insta-love. I still think it’s the best urban fantasy title ever, but I’m probably biased. 🙂

This third title was more of a collaborative effort between my editor and me. We both threw out a bunch of ideas and combinations that could fit with the THE SH__ _____ pattern.  So what did we decide on?


Hope you guys like it! I think it’s kind of ironic considering people’s reactions to McKenzie holding a sword on the cover of THE SHADOW READER since, you  now, she can’t use a sword at all. But if you follow my Facebook Page and read the short excerpt I posted a few weeks ago, you’ll see that there might be some hope for her. 🙂

Less than a year to go!