I finally bought my plane ticket to Kansas City, Missouri for the 2013 RT Booklovers Convention! I went last year in Chicago, and I had a great time. I absolutely loved seeing so many awesome, enthusiastic readers. You guys seriously rock. I mean, a lot of you flew in to Chicago just to meet your favorite authors. That is so thoroughly cool!

That’s one of the main reason I’m going again, too. I love authors! Every one I’ve met has been so nice. They’re sweet and fun and funny. I can’t wait for this year’s convention! I’m going to try very, very hard not to go overboard with the fangirl-ing.

I’m super nervous about this year’s con, though, because I’m going to be on an urban fantasy panel. For real. My name’s on the agenda. I’ll be on the Reader Panel: Anythying Goes in Urban Fantasy with Caitlin Kittredge, Kat Richardson, Jeane Stein, and Jaye Wells. Gah, I look up to these authors so much. They have careers. They’re great writers and they’re savvy about the whole publishing business.  It’s intimidating! lol

One quick thing before I go: This Love Letter to Aren showed up on Twitter feed yesterday. It’s written by Christen from Goldilocks and the Three Weres and it’s part of the Vampire Book Club’s Character Love Letter Event. I’ve been peeking in at this event all month long because I think it’s cool to read about how much readers love characters. I could write several love letters myself! I had no idea Aren was going to get mail, but I’m so happy he has! 🙂