I received my edit letter yesterday! Hurray! I love edit letters. I love reading my editor’s thoughts on the book, and how I can make the book better. Yes, I always hold my breath when I click open the email. I brace myself for the, “This is a good start, BUT…” but I’ve been lucky so far and my editors haven’t hated my books. Which makes sense, of course, or the publisher wouldn’t have bought them. 😉

Anyway, revisions start for real today. I’ve been working on revising for the last few weeks because there were a few things about the book that I had to change, even if they didn’t bother anyone else. One of those things, though, is kicking my butt. In my opinion, my book begins to suck at the end of Chapter 6/beginning of Chapter 7.

And I know exactly why it sucks. It’s not gripping, and it feels like McKenzie is going on these little sidequests that take away from the main, exciting plot line. I had this problem with THE SHATTERED DARK, too. And, well, in my opinion, I didn’t fix them so well in TSD.* I will fix them in TSB, and all I have to do is move the main, exciting plot up to Chapter 6/7, but I don’t freaking know how!!!!!!!!

*ahem* Excuse me, but these two chapters have been frustrating me for the past week. I don’t want to leave them like they are. I need to make them gripping, but obviously, I have some kind of writer’s block.

I need help. I know I do, but you see, I don’t want help. I want to come up with the genius idea on my own. I feel like I’m supposed to come up with the genius idea on my own. I’m the story’s creator, after all. I’m supposed to know how to do this. If I was really a skilled author, I wouldn’t be struggling so much with this. So, if I ask for help, that’s acknowledging that I suck as a writer.

Is that crazy talk? That’s what goes through my mind.

Before I published my first book, when I reached these road blocks, I had all the time in the world to wait for inspiration to hit. I don’t anymore. I have to figure out the solution now.

I’m going to go for a walk. It’s a gorgeous day, and maybe I’ll find inspiration hanging from a tree branch. If I don’t… Ugh. I’m giving myself a few more days to come up with something. Hopefully, I will. If not, you might hear my scream of HELP echoing across the country.**


* I’m probably not supposed to say that. I’m probably supposed to pretend like I believe every word I’ve ever written is right and brilliant, but the truth is, I struggle sometimes (okay, a lot of times) with writing, and if I had years and years to write a book, of course I could make it better.

** I will be looking for a couple of beta readers in the next month. I don’t mind that kind of help at all. I love it! That’s different from what I’m struggling with here. I can’t see all the problems in my manuscripts, so betas are awesome and crucial for helping to point them out.