[UPDATED 4/18/13 A huge thank you to everyone who sent me an email offering to beta read. I appreciate every one of you. I had more volunteers than I expected, and have already contacted a few to beta read for me. I don’t need any more help at this time, but if this experiment goes well, I’m sure I’ll be sending out another call for beta readers in the future, so please do check back. And, again, thank you all for volunteering your time to help me make The Sharpest Blade the best book it can be. I can’t wait for everyone to read it!]

I’m both excited and terrified to make this request. I finished my first round of edits on THE SHARPEST BLADE and sent the changes off to my editor today. I have a little time to make a few more changes, and I desperately need more feedback from a few readers/writers. So, I’m asking for beta readers.

This is the last Shadow Reader novel, and so it has tons of spoilers in it. It’s nerve-wracking to turn it over to anyone I don’t already know very well because… Well, I have to trust that you want tell anyone about the story or send it on. I’m tempted to just keep it all to myself for the next eight months, but unbiased feedback will make this a better manuscript, and I want the book to be awesome.

So, if you’re interested in beta-ing THE SHARPEST BLADE, keep reading.

If you’re an urban fantasy fan and are able to provide objective, constructive feedback by Wednesday, April 24th, and are able to read and make comments on a PDF file, send an email to sandy AT sandy DASH williams DOT com with the subject line “Beta” telling me why you think you’d make a good beta reader. Preference will be given to people who have beta’d before and/or who have an online presence (that doesn’t mean either are absolutely required). This is mainly so I sort of know who you are, but if you have another writer or a blogger or someone who can vouch for your integrity/professionalism, brownie points go to you. Please note that this isn’t just an opportunity to read THE SHARPEST BLADE early. I need someone who can point out inconsistencies, repetitive/confusing phrasing, pacing issues, TSTL moments, etc. You must also be willing to sign in blood a confidentiality agreement swear an oath of silence.

 Thanks, guys! I’m so, so excited about this book!