Business first!

On Monday, April 22 @ 7pm, I’ll be at the Barnes & Nobles in Frisco, Texas for a World Book Night Eve event with Rachel Caine, Victoria Scott, and Rosemary Clement-Moore. We’ll be talking about the books that inspired us. It’ll be an awesome evening, with a book signing to follow. If you’re in the area, I hope you can make it! Details are here.

And in just a couple more weeks, I’ll be in Kansas City MO at the RT Booklovers Convention. I’ll be on one panel, ALL THINGS GO IN URBAN FANTASY, with Jaye Wells, Dr. Nicole Peeler, Caitlin Kittredge, Kat Richardson, and Jeanne C. Stein. You can also find me at the HUGE booksigning on Saturday, or just hanging around.

That’s all the business stuff at the moment. Now, on to real-life stuff.

The news

This week? It’s pretty much sucked. I’m not a fan of April. I should cut myself off from the news and the internet, but I can’t. Last night, I watched the evening news – something I very rarely do these days – and didn’t want to go to sleep because I had the feeling that the Boston bombing suspects would be caught any second. For some reason, I felt like I had to know the second they were caught. Totally ridiculous, I know. I finally did go to sleep, though. I hoped I’d wake to good news, but with one suspect on the loose – maybe holed up in a house in Watertown? – I’m a little afraid of how this is all going to end.

And then, there was West, Texas. It’s less than two hours from where I live. Anyone who lives in the DFW area and who has traveled to Austin knows where West is. We’ve seen or stopped at the Czech Stop. The fertilizer plant is sad and scary. People were just going about their normal lives and then… boom.

I have to say, I’m supremely thankful for law enforcement and government officials this week. You guys are awesome. Thank you.


Sick, sick, sick

On the personal front: both my boys were sick this week. One has very much hit the Terrible Twos. He used to be my easy, laid back baby, but not anymore. Tantrums galore. We walked into the doctor’s office the other day, and the second – the very second – we stepped over the threshold, he starts screaming and signing for “Candy!”

We’ve only given that boy candy a very few times. One of those times was a week earlier at the doctor’s office. How the heck does he remember that so well! And, seriously, demanding it the second we enter? What? That boy is scary smart.

The other boy is mischevious. This is a bad combination, I think.

Today, I got to go to the doctor. “Yay”, said sarcastically. I get these lingering coughs every so often. And by “lingering” I mean 3-4 months. I’ve been cough free for 2.5 years, but I had what I think is an allergy attack back before Easter, and the cough won’t go away. It’s freaking miserable. I hate being around people because I feel like I get on their very lasts nerves (I get on my nerves!) and it’s exhausting. Plus, this time, I think I pulled a muscle on my side, so not only is it annoying and distracting and inconvenient, it’s painful, too.

I’m determined to end it sooner than 3-4 months, so I went to a lung doctor I’ve seen before. He gave me meds that I’m praying will work, and a steroid shot which he called a “quick fix”. I’m crossing my fingers hoping it is! But if it doesn’t clear it up immediately and you see me around, please know I don’t hae the plauge!

I’m hoping to blog more regularly now that I’ve finished the majority of the work on THE SHARPEST BLADE. I have a few projects I’m anxious to get started on. I’ll let yall know more about that later on.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and happy, people!

Man, I really hope they get this other suspect without any more casaulties!