In early May, I flew out to Kansas City for the RT Booklovers Convention. I had a great time. I was on a panel, got to mingle with readers and authors, and I learned a lot from the panels I attended. What was the most surprising thing I learned?

Everyone has a secret identity.

Seriously. Everyone.

I learned that Jaye Wells had published two books as Kate Eden.

 I learned that Jeanne C. Stein collaborated with Samantha to become S J. Haper. (I had a chance to read CURSED early. It is awesome. Preorder it now!)

There were so many others who had split personalities secret identities that I can’t remember. And now I’m learning that urban fantasy author Amanda Bonilla is now Mandy Baxter. (Congrats Amanda/Mandy! I’m so happy for you!)

I’m feeling a bit left out. I want a secret identity, too!

Must work on this! 🙂