(First: why is there no Goodreads for movies? I’d love to follow people who like the same movies as I do, and I love GR’s interface. Somebody please create this site STAT! (Pretty sure I’ve already made this request several times.)

Second: do any of you have suggestions for movie bloggers to follow? I’m not talking about big name movie reviewers/publication, but more real-life movie watchers.

Third: I don’t watch many movies. I’m super, super picky, and I usually end up wanting it to be over after 30 minutes so I can do something more productive/fun with my time like write.

Now, for the actual review. (Four! I’m terrible at writing reviews. You can look at my Goodreads reviews to see that!))


WHITE HOUSE DOWN is an action movie starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Channing is a member of the capital police (he’s assigned to protect the Speaker of the House) and he’s applying for a job with the secret service. Since his daughter loves politics and the president, he gets her passes to the White House and takes her with him on the interview. (I SO did not realize how WEIRD that was when I watched the movie, but now that I write it? Who takes their kid to a job interview???)

Jamie Foxx is the president. Um, that was interesting. I like Jamie Foxx pretty well, but I thought he was awkward in this role. When he was giving a speech, I kept thinking, “Geez, they should have just cast Obama for this role. He’d do a better job!”

I guess Obama was busy, though.

But when Jamie Foxx wasn’t attempting to give a speech, he was okay.

Channing Tatum. Yeah. He looks great, but I almost didn’t go see this movie because he was in it. I just don’t have the highest opinion of his acting abilities, and most of the roles he’s been in haven’t really been all that awesome. (Honestly, though, I haven’t seen many of his movies. Maybe I’ve only seen the bad ones?) But I couldn’t help but think that his role was written for Will Smith. There was this really random, awkward scene with a squirrel at the very beginning of the movie. When Channing was talking to the squirrel, I grimaced and thought I was about to watch the worst movie ever. Then, I pictured Will Smith in that scene, saying those exact words, but in a Will Smith type of way. It would have totally worked and been funny. But with Channing? Not so much. Weird and awkward.

Anyway, my expectations were SO low for this movie. I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed it! That surprised me because I rarely enjoy movies these days. Many of them have gross, slap-stick humor, and that doesn’t appeal to me at all. In fact, I hate it, and I’ll walk out of movie if it has too much (thankfully, we usually watch movies at home).

Yes, the action was over the top and unrealistic, but I was okay with that. I laughed several times, and I thought the premise – terrorists take over the White House and (try to) kidnap the president – was interesting. The motivations for the terrorists were all over the place (weakest part of the movie aside from the impossible action), especially at the end, but I’m happy I watched it.

Um, if you’re a member of Seal Team 6, the Secret Service, or especially, Delta Force this movie will drive you crazy (actually, it’ll probably drive any law enforcement/military person crazy). I mean, the US sends Delta Force in three helicopters in the middle of the day to the roof of the White House when they know that there are men up there and RPGs. Maybe I’ve just read too many Seal Team 6 books, but that part was just so freaking ridiculous.

BUT! The most ridiculous line in the movie goes to a reporter. When those three helicopters fly by low overhead, she ducks and says, “Oh my God, US Special Forces are flying over us!”

It’s a friggin’ helicopter! How the heck do you know who’s flying over your head.

Good thing I wasn’t drinking at that moment. I would have snorted Diet Coke out of my nose.

My husband totally disagrees with me on this, but I felt a very Independence Day vibe with this movie. If you liked Independence Day, I think you’ll like this. It’s not quite as good as ID (ID lost me when they made the aliens evil (why can’t we have some nice alien invaders!? That would be much more interesting! (Hey, I totally need to write that book!))).

I’m gonna rate the movie 4 out of 5 stars. (Any movie I can sit all the way through gets at least 3 stars). As long as you know you’re going to be watching a ridiculous action movie, you should enjoy it.