I’ve decided I need to do more writing oriented events. Not exactly big conferences and signings, but I need to be around writers and enthusiastic readers more often. Every time I am, I feel rejuvenated afterwards. The last time I felt rejuvenated was at the RT convention, and that was over two months ago!

Not that I’m dragging now. (Okay, I am dragging today, but that’s because I got so little sleep last night!) I’m enjoying my new project (and still dying waiting for The Sharpest Blade’s release), and I’m excited about publishing! But writing is so isolating sometimes, and I love talking to people who are just as enthusiastic about books and writing as I am.

My monthly RWA meetings help, but all too often I have a scheduling conflict and can’t go. That means I have to wait a whole extra month to be around writing/book people. I’m thinking of joining a second local chapter to give myself more options.

The Naked Truth About Self Publishing by The Indie VoiceThe whole reason I’m thinking about this is because I just bought and read The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing. It’s a book on the business of publishing. Yes, mostly self-pubbing, but it has great information for traditionally published authors as well (if we could just get the book data from our publishers, that would be SO helpful!). I want to diversify, and I’m so envious of the access to information self-published writers have. I want that info, at least on some of my books! Anyway, reading that book was like sitting around and talking with a group of author friends. It’s made me crave interaction.

But that’s not going to happen this week. This week, I’m curling up with my laptop and pounding out some words in solitude.

I love my job. 🙂