The husband and I will be attempting potty practice this week.

Potty practice. We can’t call it potty training. If we do, Toddler B will think we’re going on a train ride. There will be tantrums if we tell him he is wrong.

That’s my big, stinky plan for this weekend. I’m already looking forward to Monday. I need to have a more productive week. This one was okay. I had a ton of non-writing work stuff to do – release time will do that to you – but I did get some words written. I kind of got distracted and wrote a bit on a very cool urban fantasy idea I have brewing in my head. It’s easier to write because I only have to worldbuild in that story, not universe-build. I didn’t realize just how difficult universe-building was.

I should write a post on the difference between worldbuilding and universe-building.

Anyway, I’ll be able to concentrate on writing next week. I’m looking forward to it! I’m so, so anxious to make my urban-fantasy-in-space all awesome and shiny.