Aside from the Matter of the Mystery Poop*, potty practice is going pretty well. We’ve had a few accidents, especially if we dare put pants on them, but all in all, not as bad as I feared yet.

But the kids are home with me today. SAD FACE! I just couldn’t send them to school, though. They so weren’t ready for going out in public. They’re not making it more than a half hour without either peeing in the potty or having an accident, and I didn’t want to backtrack by putting them in diapers, so… I’m home with them today.

I’m afraid I might have to be home with them tomorrow, too. Ugh. I mean, I love my kids to death, but being home with them all day drives me bonkers. All I have to say is that stay-at-home moms and dads are saints. I wish I was more like them.

(Aside: I told them mommy needs a ten minute break and they had to either watch Wall-E or play with their toys. Miracle of miracles, they’re leaving me alone right now.)

You guys are probably wondering about the Matter of the Mystery Poop, right? Well, on Day 1 of Potty Practice, we had some friends over (to help us stay sane), and I looked down at one point and saw poop. On my carpet.

Not unexpected, but I needed to find the culprit. I checked Toddler A’s training undies. Nothing.

I checked Toddler B’s training undies. Nothing.


I checked both again. STILL nothing. And when I asked Toddler A if he went poopoo, he said no, it was Toddler B.

You can probably guess what Toddler B said when I asked.

So, mystery poop.

We’re 99.9% sure it was Toddler A, though. His training pants weren’t tight around his legs like Toddler B’s. Plus, he’s Toddler A. He’s been known to sneak poop.

Enough of that talk. Despite losing today and tomorrow, I have some things I’m determined to accomplish this week.

1. I must find time to clean the house today. We have a cleaner coming tomorrow, so I gotta get stuff picked up.

2. Clean out/organize my closet. This has needed to be done for years. I’m going to do it this week.

3. Drop off donations to good will or somewhere. I have a bunch of stuff piling up that I need to get out of the house, and after I clean out my closet, I’ll have more.

4. Freezer cooking. Dinner rolls and breakfast burritos. I’m out of both, and these both freeze so well and are easy to grab. I need to restock my stockpile!

5. Write Chapter One of the urban fantasy idea that won’t leave me alone. I need to write it out so I can concentrate on my SFR.

6. Write river escape scene of my SFR. I’m going to try to set weekly goals by scenes and see if that helps me accomplish more each week.

Uh, and write other stuff! My toddlers are NOT leaving me alone anymore. Gotta go!

P.S. Behind on emails/commenting. Will catch up when the toddlers go back to school. Hopefully tomorrow! *crosses fingers*