So tired. One of the toddlers was up half the night vomiting. Poor guy. He’s perfectly fine this morning, but we kept him home because… well, he was up half the night. He’s going on five hours of sleep and I’m sure he would have been cranky at school. Sidenote: Toddler’s daddy is so awesome. Toddler threw up on him three times and he didn’t complain, and he rocked him forever in the chair and has stayed home this morning to give me a chance to sleep. Too bad my darn mind isn’t cooperating with the sleep thing. I wish I had a shut down button for it.


I had one of my most productive writing days yesterday. Over 2,000 words. Yeah. That’s a really good day for me, especially lately. Half those words were on the sci-fi project, the other half were on a new urban fantasy project.


We have no plans this weekend. That’s nice. It means we can make plans – assuming the other toddler doesn’t get sick. I’m thinking church on Saturday night and maybe the Perot Museum on Sunday morning. If we do make it to church Saturday night, I think I’ll try to take the boys into the not-a-sanctuary with us. They might like the music!


I think I’m going to write the first kissing scene in my sci-fi book next week! I had a kiss in the first draft before this point in the story, but that plot line was super forced. This one is much better. And fun.


My birthday is next week! I’m excited because we scheduled a sitter and are going to go out to play geeky board games! There’s this place close to us that has a whole hallway of games. They have a big gaming weekend once a month, then, on every Thursday, that have a smaller gaming night, where admission is only $5. This will be our first time to go.