I haven’t worked on my sci-fi book today. I’m avoiding it. I’m avoiding it because I think I need to delete two chapters.

On the surface, that doesn’t sound too bad, but I’ve already deleted and rewritten this section of the book a dozen times, and one of those chapters I think I need to delete has a “darling” in it.

Yall have all heard that old phrase before, right? That authors need to “kill their darlings?” I haven’t had to kill many darlings before. In The Shadow Reader books, I had to add scenes more than I had to cut them. Not so with this sci-fi book, and this darling is a huge one. It’s one of those lines I’ve been writing the whole story around. It’s a favorite scene, a scene when my hero sort of loses his identity. He doesn’t recognize what kind of man he’s become, and the realization that he’s in love with the heroine makes his universe crash down around him.

It’s a big scene. A heavy scene. A damn excellent scene.

It’s a scene that’s going to have to go.

🙁     <—– That’s me, shedding a tear.

Well, it helps a little that I have a website. I don’t have to completely trash the scene. I’ll remove it from the book, but I can keep it in mind to include as a deleted scene later on. Yay. (That yay will probably sound more sincere if I keep repeating it over and over again.)

I’m going to put deleting those chapters on my goals list for this week. Here’s how I did on last week’s goals, and my new ones for this week.

Last Week’s Goals:

1. I must find time to clean the house today. We have a cleaner coming tomorrow, so I gotta get stuff picked up. Done! But it’s going back on my list for this weekend because, well, the weekend happened.

2. Clean out/organize my closet. This has needed to be done for years. I’m going to do it this week. This didn’t get done. I’m not putting it on this week’s list either, for reasons I’ll explain below.

3. Drop off donations to good will or somewhere. I have a bunch of stuff piling up that I need to get out of the house, and after I clean out my closet, I’ll have more. I didn’t do this because I didn’t get a chance to clean out my closet. Whenever I do get that chance, it’ll go back on the list.

4. Freezer cooking. Dinner rolls and breakfast burritos. I’m out of both, and these both freeze so well and are easy to grab. I need to restock my stockpile! Done! #ninja-mom

5. Write Chapter One of the urban fantasy idea that won’t leave me alone. I need to write it out so I can concentrate on my SFR. Done! And I’m loving it so far. My only fear right now is all that talk about urban fantasy being a dead genre.

6. Write river escape scene of my SFR. I’m going to try to set weekly goals by scenes and see if that helps me accomplish more each week. Done. No exclamation mark because it was during the writing of that scene that I realized I needed to kill chapters.

This Week’s Goals

1. Delete those two chapters in my sci-fi romance so I can move on with the story. This will require some rewriting of my current chapter.

2. Write Ch. 2 of my urban fantasy. It’s fun. I might as well squeeze in time for it.

3. Finish Workout Two, Week 2 of my Couch to 5K program before it gets cold on Friday!

4. Clean out pantry. You know it’s bad when you go grocery shopping and have no place to put what you just bought. The pantry needs a major clean out and re-organization, so I’m taking the closet cleaning off my list until this gets done.

5. Catch up on my RWA stuff! I’m the program manager for my local chapter, and I need to do some emailing to introduce myself to the speakers the previous program manager already scheduled. I keep putting it on my list but Life keeps happening. It will get done this week!

6. Schedule a hair appointment and a date with my grandmother to get our nails done (Christmas present for my grandmother). Coastal Magic Con is in a couple of weeks, and my hair needs help. I’m thinking some kind of bangs for the first time in ten years, even though I swore ten years ago I’d never get bangs again. But I like this girl’s look: http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/p/hair_17.html Lots of photos there, but I’m thinking long bangs? I have no idea, but I’m bored with my hair and I wear it in a ponytail a lot, and I feel bald because I slick it back all the time and I’d like some bangs-like thing going on. I have zero fashion and beauty sense. *sigh*