Smiley balls going to a party

Yep. That’s right folks. I was born today a not-so-few years ago.

Right now, I’m home with a sick boy, but tonight, my parents will be watching the twins (I really think sick boy isn’t so sick anymore), and the husband and I are going to get our geek on – playing board games! We’re actually going OUT to do this. Dallas has a very active gaming community (home of the annual Board Game Geek Convention), and there’s a place relatively close by that has weekend gaming marathons, and a weekly Thursday gaming night. We’ve never been before, but we thought it would be fun and different, so we’re doing that instead of the normal dinner-and-a-movie thing. I’ll let yall know how it goes.

But if you guys want to get in on the celebration by giving me a gift, I would love – LOVE! – it if you could leave me a review on your favorite book review sites. I know many of you already have. Thank you! I love reading your thoughts on McKenzie’s story. Plus, it helps other readers decide of The Shadow Reader books are something they might like.

If you do leave a review, be sure to enter the Swag for Brag Contest that’s still going on! You can win some cool, fun stuff.

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