1. Worldbuilding is hard. Like, really hard. One of the things readers like about my Shadow Reader books is the worldbuilding, but the Realm and fae came easily to me in those books. Not so much with this sci-fi project. I’m having to make up names for weapons, ships, planets, create a military structure, uniforms, multiple political systems, etc. And I have to do it all without it feeling like I’m doing it. What I mean is, I can’t just throw a bunch of stuff out there or it’ll overwhelm the reader (and me), so I have to worldbuild subtley. It’s one of the things that’s making the writing of this book so slow. I’m hoping that, when I finally finish it and move on to book two, everything will be in place and the writing will go much quicker. *crosses fingers*

2. I have a huge, huge amount of swag to send out. If you’re waiting on something from me, I’m going to try my best to get it in the mail today. If not today, Monday. Assuming my family stays healthy!

3. Our Keurig stopped working yesterday. We’ve only had it a little over a month, and it stopped working completely. I read the manual, googled for help, then finally called customer service. Customer service was awesome.

Customer service was awesome.

I had to say that twice because I so rarely have a reason to say that sentence, but the girl on the phone didn’t talk down to me at all, which usually happens with customer service people. She just ran me through one trouble shooting thing, and when that didn’t work, she said, “This shouldn’t be happening so soon. I’m sending you a new Keurig.” Hurray! The only problem is I have to wait a week for it. Boo! I’ve just now learned how to drink coffee, and I was using my morning cup to get me off of Diet Coke, which I’m addicted to and which is, apparently, the devil’s brew. I went four days without one. Now that the Keurig’s broke, I’m back to one for breakfast. I guess I’ll start over on that resolution when the new Keurig comes.

4. I’ve been doing pretty well with my exercising and calorie-watching. I exercised every day this week except yesterday – the broken Keurig REALLY threw me off. I’ve also stayed well under my calorie count, too, until, well yesterday. I’m not going to let yesterday ruin my week, though. It’s going to count as a free day, and I’m going to move on and do go today and tomorrow. Then it’ll be a new week!

5. Toddler B made me cry this morning. Ever since he stayed home sick last week, he hasn’t wanted to go back to daycare. He was perfectly fine this morning until we got in the car and I opened the garage door. Then he got mean and defiant, yelling “No!” like it was a curse word and spitting. I carried him into school – fortunately, Toddler A was being an angel – and nearly dropped him because he was fighting me when I set him on the other side of the partition in the daycare room. I felt horrible for leaving him with the teachers like that, and I just don’t know what to do with him when he throws those fits. When I’m home, I can lock him in his room until he calms down and is ready to “be happy and make good choices.” (Is locking a child in his room child abuse? It’s usually no more than five minutes, and I monitor him either outside the door or on the video monitor.) But I can’t take him home for time out when we’re out. I can’t stop the car when he’s throwing a fit. I don’t know what to do with him, and this morning, I just felt entirely unqualified to be a mom. What do you do with a tantruming toddler?