I have no fashion sense. If you’ve met me, you know that. I’m a writer, so I sit at home in jeans and t-shirts all day. I don’t like shopping. I rarely ever go, and when I do, it’s usually in a panic because I have some event coming up or I’m going to be seeing my extended family soon.

The latter actually causes more panic than the former because every other woman in my family who’s close to my age is a fashionista. They’re beautiful, put together, and in shape. I mean, REALLY in shape. Two of them are personal trainers. One has a business out in California and one trains (or trained?) the wife of someone who use to be the most powerful man on the planet. No exaggeration there. None.

They’re all so freaking nice and friendly, too, so I can’t even hate them. But I can feel like the ugly duckling in the family.

Anyway, one of those women posted about Stitch Fix on Facebook. I hardly ever check my personal FB account, so it was just pure luck that I saw that post. I read it, clicked the link, and instantly knew I HAD to try it out.

Stitch Fix gives you your own personal stylist, yall. I NEED that, especially since I have Coastal Magic Con coming up next week, and RT in May, and RWA in July. If I signed up for Stitch Fix, I wouldn’t have to do that panic shopping the last minute before my flight.

So I signed up. And ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with reading Stitch Fix Reviews. It seemed so awesome, and I loved what other bloggers were receiving.

Here’s how it works: you fill out a personal styling profile (which was rather fun), pick a date for delivery, then pay a $20 “styling fee” that will go toward anything you decide to buy. You lose that fee if you buy nothing, but on your delivery date, you receive a box with 5 items picked out for you. You try them on, decide what you want to keep, then send the rest back in a prepaid envelope Stitch Fix provides.


And fun!

And check this out, you guys. Me and Stitch Fix were meant to be. Look at who packed my box (and try not to choke on the price tag for all the items; these aren’t clearance rack prices):


My box was packed and shipped by Jedi!!!

I totally got a kick out of that. Jedi isn’t my stylist, though. My stylist is Staci, and the box came with a note saying why she’d chosen some of the items for me. I’d put in my profile that I wanted clothes for Coastal Magic Con in Daytona, and she included pieces she thought would work well.

And here’s where I need yalls help. Remember when I said I have no fashion sense? I don’t. I think some of these things look good, but I’m not sure. I have three days to decide what to send back, so I want your opinions.

Here’s what I received:

41 Hawthorn Sedona Dot Print Shirtdress ($78.00)

Yeah. I don’t think so. But then I took a picture with my head cut off.


Oh, definitely better. And then I discovered…pockets!

I freaking love pockets. I’ll give my stylist bonus points for selecting a dress with pockets, and one which is, in my opinion, the perfect length, but this was just one big UGH when I put it on. I think it might be a size too big? And the sleeves hit me funny. Plus, it showed just how much weight I need to lose.

I switched to jeans for the rest of the pieces. Yay!

The first shirt I tried on was this:

Ezra Rathmann Mixed Material Layered Shirt ($48.00)


Ooh. This is nice! This is different! This doesn’t make me look too fat! I want it! I want it! I want… wait.


Nooooo! A snag. Can you see it? I saw it immediately and I am so bummed. I really loved this. I still want to ignore the snag and buy it anyway, but that would be dumb. Ugh. Fail! I guess this is one of the things that stinks about Stitch Fix: I can’t just go back to the rack and find another one without the snag. I couldn’t even find somewhere online to purchase this. 🙁

On to the next shirt.

19 Cooper Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse ($68.00)

Again, I look better headless. Maybe all those headless urban fantasy covers have the right idea. Anyway, I’m torn on this one. I don’t have anything bright in my closet. I love the sleeves and the neck. I like the color, but it felt a little short on me. And then, when I turn to the side, it just kind of hangs there out in front. Not really a big deal, but this is $68. I’m doing Stitch Fix because I want a few nice, quality items in my closet, but I’m leaning toward no. What do yall think?


41 Hawthorn Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top ($48.00)


Oh, yes! Love! Love the color! Love the fit! Love how freaking soft this is. Even if you all hate this, I’m getting it. It is fabulous. Perfect. And you know what? Thanks to Stitch Fix, I’ve learned a new word.


 Dolman. As in a “dolman top” or “dolman sleeves.” Apparently, that extra wide, bat-like material between the arm and body is what makes a shirt dolman style. Who would have ever thought I’d learn a fashion term? Not me.

And here’s my final item.

Bella Boutique Bilson Silver Infinity Necklace ($32.00)


Can you see it? It’s the infinity necklace. When I first put it on and looked in the mirror, I didn’t see it at all. I had to look closely. I like this pretty well. The infinity thing is cool and it feels pretty. But if I’m going to spend $32.00 on something, I want people to actually be able to see it. If this fix was a total win and this was the last item, I’d definitely buy it because you get a 25% discount off your total if you buy all five, but otherwise, so not worth it. Argh, but it is my style and pretty.

So, that’s my first fix. I totally loved this way of shopping. Having someone else pick out my clothes = awesome. Also awesome, Stitch Fix includes styling cards for each item which, for fashion-dumb people like me, is crucial. I’m kind of bummed I’m likely only getting one item, though. I want that layered shirt so bad!

Here are a few other things about Stitch Fix.

* You can indicate what price you want to pay. I indicated “as cheap as possible” and ended up with these items. I debated moving up to the $50-100 category, but decided against it because I never spend much money on a single item of clothing. However, I did indicate there was some wiggle room in my “as cheap as possible” selection. As I said earlier, I want a few high quality items in my closet amongst all my raggedy t-shirts.

* You can ask for Stitch Fix gift cards for your birthday! That’s why I gave this a try. My mom and my grandmother both gave me gift cards. Thank you both! And that’s partly why I’m posting here. My mom wants to see my fix!

* You can link social media sites to your account. I linked My Style board on Pinterest, and I think that’s the number one thing that made this a successful stitch (despite the snag, I still rate it successful; the style was right on). In fact, I pinned the dolman top and the layered shirt (sad face!) after seeing them in another person’s fix. I’m certain my stylist took a look at the board before she made her picks.

* You can tell Stitch Fix you don’t want accessories or jewelry or scarves or whatnot. I’m thinking I might say no to jewelry if I do this again. I need more jewelry – I think jewelry can really make an outfit sometime (says the fashion-ignorant girl) – but I need more clothes, too.

* If you refer a friend to Stitch Fix, you get a $25.00 referral credit. All the links in this post are my referral links. It would be awesome if you used them (I could get clothes for RT!), but totally cool if you don’t. If you do decide to try out Stitch Fix, or if you’ve already done it, let me know. I am totally obsessed with googling Stitch Fix reviews.

What do you think of these items, especially the bright shirt since I’m on the fence about it? It’s okay to say you hate the dolman top, but I’m still getting it. Seriously, you guys. So soft and comfortable. I never would have found a shirt like that on my own.